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Character: Suou Katsuya
Series: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Character Age: 25
Job: Camp Police Officer
Canon: In Sumaru City, rumors are becoming reality. One of these rumors concerns JOKER, a mysterious figure who'll kill whoever you want dead -- all you have to do is call him up by dialing your own phone number. Could he be behind the city's recent rash of grisly murders? Well, pretty much, yeah, but he's only a cog in a larger plot involving world destruction and strange fusions of Jungian psychology with Lovecraftian horrors and all sorts of crazy stuff.

Katsuya is a cop assigned to investigate the JOKER killings. He's also a Persona-user -- that is, he can summon aspects of his psyche that manifest as mythological beings in order to fight demons. He can also make "contracts" with demons to get them to give him stuff, which he does by interrogating them. Katsuya is very polite, and tends be strait-laced and by-the-book to an almost ridiculous degree, occasionally trying to apply the law to demons or call the police to deal with supernatural matters. He can also be surprisingly skeptical, despite all the strange things he's seen. Underneath it all, though, he's a nice guy who cares a lot about protecting people, especially his family.

Sample Post:

You there, freeze! Yes, you, in the gorilla suit! I have multiple eyewitness accounts stating that around 6:03 PM this evening, you assaulted a young woman eating her dessert outside of the Mess Hall and stole her cake -- and that's terrible. This is a bit outside of my usual department, but I can hardly allow someone who has committed a violent crime to walk free. I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

No, that wasn't some sort of... of proposition -- I am an officer of the law and I am placing you under arrest and taking you back to the station. Though I admit I'm not quite sure where it is. I haven't quite had time to get acquainted with this place yet, but I'm sure someone will know. Don't be ridiculous, there must be one here. Why else would they be hiring police officers? Unless it were some sort of trap, but who would bother to go to such lengths...? Anyway, no matter. The details can be sorted out later; the important thing now is that no more innocents are harmed.

I am certain there's no mistake; I interrogated all of the witnesses at the scene quite thoroughly. So thoroughly, in fact, that I believe one of the corpselike demons wanted to make a contract with me. She was getting quite friendly, perhaps even a bit too much so, and kept insisting that she had something to give me. I was warned that her affections were "a trap," however, so I decided not to risk it. At any rate, their stories all match up. I don't know what else you expected, attacking someone in broad daylight in a heavily populated area. -- Really, things like that are a common occurrence in this place? That's a sad state of affairs, if it's true. No wonder those in charge decided to hire some law enforcement.

As much as I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, the evidence seems clear. Besides which, you're covered in frosting and cake crumbs. I don't see how those could be "a lie," either. It's clearly real cake. And no, "it was delicious cake and I had to eat it" is no excuse for your actions either.

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