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From here. Sticking it on this journal for easy reference.

According to Persona Club III, he sometimes gets up at 5:30 am on his days off to plan what to make for Tatsuya. He decides on a cheesecake because it's not too sweet. When Tatsuya refuses to eat it and leaves, Katsuya mopes, watches women's cooking shows, and decides to make Tatsuya an "I'm sorry" cake.

Q: What kind of police officer is Katsuya?
A: Tentatively, according to the setting of the game he's supposed to be excellent...but from what you see of him in the game, he doesn't appear that way at all. *laugh* Since Katsuya is not a natural elite, I think that he is rather hard-off when it comes to solving cases. He makes a variety of speculations, but none of them quite match the real logic. Even after everyone has properly finished up the case, he still hangs on and works on it himself. When he finally comes to a solution, he is probably praised by his superiors who say, "Good display of tenacity, Sideburns." *laugh* Therefore, I think that he's also considered superior by his friends at work. He gets promoted at a steady pace. While excellence is a factor in Katsuya's promotions, the truth is that the presence of his boss, Captain Togashi, behind him is also a factor, since Captain Togashi feels indebted to the Suou family. Of course, Katsuya does not know this himself...though he might have figured it out when he heard of the truth behind the incident with his father.

Q: Is Katsuya popular with the ladies?
A: Yes, he's quite popular. He's good at his job, and he's's hard to get close to a perfect person, but there are some imperfections in Katsuya. To the female police officers, that's probably what makes him loveable. However, Katsuya himself is completely oblivious to his popularity amongst women. That's why when one of the female police officers invites him out for dinner, he'll sometimes go, but while he's out, all he probably says is things like, "This is really delicious. I wonder how they made it?" He wouldn't realize that it was a date. *laugh* Because he is basically the popular type, I think that he's dated some women up until now, but for various reasons, I'm not sure that any of the relationships have worked out. This is because even when he's together with a woman, the Tatsuya issue comes up easily. The women begin to become uneasy, thinking that he doesn't love her, and they will say things in order to test his affection, such as "You don't really need me," or "You're doing just fine all by yourself." But Katsuya reacts to those questions in a straightforward manner, answering, "No, that's not the case, but if you say so, there's nothing I can do," and things go downhill from there. I think he's basically the type who is bad at expressing his affections.

Q: Is he the kind of person who pays attention to fashion?
A: Yes, he is. Katsuya thinks he's not a very cool person, so I think that he does pay a lot of attention to being stylish. Well, though that's true I don't think he's a complete fashion nut who reads magazines and stuff. He certainly checks his favorite stores periodically and gets information, because he buys his suits and glasses at that store. By the way, all of his clothes and accessories are brand-name goods. I think that brand name goods are a part of his look.

Q: What kind of big brother is Katsuya?
A: Just as you see in the game, he is a very attentive big brother. Because he is a very lawful and upright individual, he takes that responsibility upon himself, thinking something like, "I must take care of him." But to Katsuya, that's equivalent to love, so it's not like he takes care of Tatsuya simply out of duty. I think that's why he stuck to Tatsuya when they were little kids. If his friends invited him to hang out with them, he'd more often than not decline saying, "Well, I've got my little brother..." and choose Tatsuya instead. I think that normally, big brothers play with their little brothers by teasing them and picking on them, but in the Suou house, that sort of behavior didn't often happen between the brothers. There might have been a little bit of teasing, but it would stop if Tatsuya seemed like he was going to cry. It's like Katsuya would suddenly start to hate himself for doing that to Tatsuya, and couldn't pick on him anymore. Therefore, if they start to get in a fight, Katsuya is the one who gives in first.
Because of the incident with their father, the relationship between Katsuya and Tatsuya is in a state of unrest. Even so, I think Katsuya still pays a lot of attention to Tatsuya. As you know from the game, Katsuya is even saving his money for Tatsuya. But, well, I don't think Tatsuya would take it...I'm sure they'd have am argument that went something like, "You use it for yourself, big brother." "But this is for you." No, really...he's a great big brother. *laugh*

Q: Why did he think he wanted to become a patissier?
A: I think that it probably started when he and Tatsuya were kids, and together they would make simple sweets, like Fruche. [Fruche is a dessert mix by House Foods, made by combining milk with fruit-flavored mix. Think Jell-O instant pudding.] When Tatsuya was really happy and said, "Yummy!" Katsuya saw this and came to think, "Okay, well then, let's make some more!" I'm sure he's the kind of person who likes to do nice things for people and make other people happy. But as his passion for baking escalated higher and higher, I think that in the end, Tatsuya said, "That's enough!" and that made Katsuya a little depressed. *laugh*
After the incident with his father, he ended up proceeding down the path to becoming a police officer, but even now he still likes to make desserts from time to time. It's one of his hobbies. Therefore, when he has time, at his dormitory -- while policemen are unmarried, they all have to live at a dormitory, so Katsuya also lives in a dormitory next to the police station, but I think he can make cakes and such there. He makes it seem like he bought the cakes that he made somewhere and passes them out at the police station, and everyone says, "These are really good! Where did you buy them?" When he hears that, he probably smiles a bit slyly. *laugh*

Q: What does Katsuya think of Maya?
A: I think he sees her as an eligible woman. What happens between the two of them beyond that is something I'll leave to your imaginations. Well, my thought is that it would probably be difficult for them to make much progress, because of Tatsuya. Naturally, Tatsuya doesn't remember anything, and he doesn't know anything about who Maya is. If those two were together, he would probably just think, "They suit each other", but for Katsuya and Maya who remember everything... in the end, it might be kind of a painful experience. Well, that's what I personally think. But since the player is Maya this time around, depending on the individual, I think that it's also possible for those two to overcome and end up with something good.


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